The Mile High City has numerous attractions that contribute to one of the most attractive lifestyles in the United States. Not only does the crisp clean air beg for outdoor activity – and with the Rockies at the city’s doorstep, there is even more reason to get out and about. There are also museums and cultural attractions galore. It doesn’t hurt that the city is also attracting foodies to its many wonderful dining establishments. SO if you are in Denver what are some of the attractions that you should not miss?

1. Pay a Visit to Red Rock Park.

This wonderful destination allows visitors to take in the majesty of the Rockies and enjoy sunsets that set the vibrant sandstone cliffs alight. The hiking trails are spectacular and the natural amphitheater has played host to artists like John Denver (of course) and Tom Petty. For music and nature lovers this is a place that is simply magical.

2. Visit Larimer Square.

Larimer Square is built on the site where the original gold miners set up camp in 1858 prior to the establishment of Denver as a city. This vibrant neighborhood might just be the first place a visitor should stop in order to get an idea of just why people are flocking to the city to enjoy that unique Denver lifestyle. Filled to the brim with shopping opportunities, great restaurants and nightlife it fairly buzzes with activity at all hours of the day and night.

3. The Denver Zoo.

This world-class zoo is the perfect destination for families who want to experience wildlife from all over the globe. With 80 acres to explore and more than 4,000 animals to view this is a fun day out for the young and the young at heart – or for anyone who has an interest in the natural world. Habitats that mimic natural surroundings such as those found at the Predator Ridge or the Tropical Discovery center make the experience both immersive and educational – a visit is highly recommended.

4. The Coors Brewery.

A short 15 mile trip outside of Denver in Golden Colorado one finds the home of Coors. The brewery offers the opportunity for a self-guided type tour to learn more about the varied aspects of the brewing process and learn more about the history of this iconic brew.

Denver offers an incredible array of activities – and visitors are sure to find something that will suit their individual interests. If you are in the Mile High City – take some time off to explore.